For those of you who plan to transition South in a year or less, we strongly recommend that you:

  • Secure your accommodations now. In most golf-centric areas, availability can book up a year or more in advance particularly if you are wishing to stay for longer periods of time.
  • Get to know the Club’s Membership Director – he or she is your first point of contact at a Club. The more you get to know them and ask them questions, the better prepared you’ll be.
  • Inquire about setting up a personal visit to the Club during your upcoming visit to town. Be aware, your best-matched clubs may also be contacting you, so watch for that and reply.
  • If securing real estate is a part of your transition, while you’re visiting the Club, meet the Golf Life Navigators’ Real Estate agent for that club community. Have them get your MLS going so you can shop the available inventory from home.
  • Finally, we know that everyone’s situation is unique. Plans can be fluid, and change happens. If your plans to transition South change, let us know. We’ll work with you to help facilitate your visits.

Call Golf Life Navigators with any questions. You can reach us anytime, at 800.447.8707