Top 5 Questions You Should Ask When Looking To Join a Golf Club

1. How many rounds of golf does your club play per year?

Gaining the knowledge of the total rounds played at the club will help you understand how busy the club may or may not be, and the availability of tee times in season. The more you ask this question, the more you will appreciate the differences between various clubs and how it may affect you and/or your spouse.

2. What is the Resignation Policy of the club?

This may seem like an unusual question at the time when you are looking to join a club, but it’s a very important one. The last thing most people think about upon joining is, “What if I don’t like it here after a year or two?” In that case, they probably won’t know what options they would have. In fact, most people don’t even read the club’s documents until something bad happens. So, please don’t be afraid to ask this question – it will save you some heartache down the road. Then follow it up with this question…

3. How many people are on the Resignation List?

Again, this is a very important, and fair question to ask. Every club’s policy varies as to the procedures of refunding a member’s deposit (Equity or Non-Equity Certificate). Some clubs may refund “5 to 1” or “2 to 1.” What does this mean to you if were on a Resignation List? It means that for every new membership brought into the club, the club gets to sell 5 (or 2) new memberships before they would take one off the Resignation List.

4. Does the club have any ongoing assessments, or are any on the horizon?

Look, every club needs to redo the golf course or update the clubhouse from time to time. Again, every club has different ways to account for capital projects. Some build it into the dues; some have a separate monthly charge for capital projects and build it up over time; and some finance it through long-term debt. Whichever way it happens, it’s good to know in advance and be prepared in case a Special Assessment pops up – at least you’re aware it’s coming.

5. What is the age and demographic of your membership?

Do you know the definition of a “club”?  A “club” is a group of like-minded people. You want to be in a club that shares the same values as you. Thus, several great questions that you should ask a membership director include:

  • “What geographical area are your members from?”
  • “What is the average age of your membership?”
  • “Does the club have cliques?”
  • “Is it easy to get into a golf game?”
  • “Is it easy for my spouse to get a game?”

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