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Lead Generation

Marketplace Showcase “Pro”

• Providing great Clubs with marketplace exposure and membership prospects who’ve been “Best-Matched” by GLN’s ProGuide³ Lifestyle Questionnaire. All supported by a Customer Success Manager dedicated to exceeding your expectations for success.
• Ask about our GLN Market-based Pricing between $1,200 and $3,950 per year.
*See below for additional opportunities available to Marketplace “Pro” Clubs Only!

Social Media Marketing

• Sharing your Club’s unique stories with targeted posting. Let GLN raise awareness of what makes you great while driving prospects to engage with your calls-to-action.
• Price: $1,500/month + Ad Budget

Digital Marketing

• Prospective members viewing your website may need 10+ exposures before connecting. Digital retargeting and Google AdWords can make the difference.
• $1,500/Month + Ad Budget

Website Evaluation and Recommendations

• Turn your Club’s website into a marketing and lead generating machine. Important design elements and positioning can help you maximize engagement with prospects interested enough to view your site.
• Included with purchase of Membership Sales Solutions Products – ask how.

Strategic Data

Club Data Presentations

• Finally, data about future Club Members! Now you have a chance to learn what your new members are looking for in their ideal golf club lifestyle. Armed with data you can strategically allocate marketing resources, optimize tour experiences and plan future capital expenditures.
• Price: $2,500 (On-site presentation and custom reports provided)

For Marketplace “Pro” Clubs Only

Additional Featured Club Friday Inclusions

• Producing A+ Opt-in leads is essential but you can also remain featured in front of thousands of buyers on a regular basis. Up to 5 additional may be purchased each year.
• Price $100 each

Stay and Play Giveaways

• Averaging 175 leads generated from each Stay-and-Play Giveaway, there’s no better or less expensive way to generate interested prospects. The better your Club’s package, the better the results!
• Price: $750

Inclusion in Destination Club Category

• Does you Club have a National Membership? Reside in the country? This could be for you. Great for Clubs with rental or resort housing.
• Price: $1,500

Control of Real Estate Leads within Community

• 70% of GLN ProGuide³ Lifestyle Questionnaires submitted indicate that the golfer is planning to secure real estate along with a club membership as they seek their ideal golf lifestyle. Does your Club have an on-site brokerage or wish to refer all the leads? Why not be in control?
• Price: $1,800

GLN Homepage Hero Image

• Be a hero! Averaging 20,000 unique visitors per month GLN’s Website is a great place to be found. And there’s no better way to be seen than on the homepage hero shot rotation.
• Price: $500/month

Sales Support Systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Set Up

• If your Club’s Membership Sales Team isn’t using a CRM system, they’re not performing at their peak. This CRM is a game-changer and includes everything needed to maximize sales follow up efficiency and produce results.
• Price: $1,500

Email Marketing System Set Up and Training

• Automated email communications via predesigned templates to specific data bases at specific times. Add the tracking of delivery, opens, and clicks on calls-to-action and “Wow.” Need we say more?
• Price: $500

Member Referral Program Evaluation

• Is one present? Should there be? Should your Club use financial or other incentives to inspire referrals? GLN can help because we know what’s being used out there in the industry and, more importantly, what works!
• Price: $500

Sales Team Training

• Once a year every Membership Sales Professional should engage in one-on-one sales training. We will utilize your clubs specific consumer data to create an amazingly detailed, systemized and inspiring approach to selling. Your Club’s sales professional will never be the same. In a good way! Invest in your sales professionals – remember, on average 75% of a Club’s revenue is from dues. Call us and ask for all the exciting details.
• Price: $4,000

Prospect Experience Audit

• Do you know what prospects experience when they accept your invitation to tour your Club? Every aspect of their visit will be critiqued. No Club can afford to let great prospects get away.
• Price: $1,500

Team Coordinated Tour System Creation and Training

• The best-of-the-best Clubs are doing it. Why aren’t you? Your success is as close as tomorrow. Let GLN assist you and your leadership team to create tours that exceed your prospects expectations at every turn.
• Price: $2,500

Executive Search

• Are you a General Manager looking for a new Membership Director? GLN can make it happen for you and, in the process, set the stage for your new hire to be incredibly successful. After working with 500 clubs, we know what it takes.
• Ask us about pricing.


brian hart cypress lake country club

“In 2019, I have already sold 5 full golf memberships to GLN Leads. In addition, the sales training I received from Tim has completely changed my approach as a Membership Director. Thanks GLN!”

Brian Hart | Membership Director
Cypress Lake Country Club

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Meet the Team!

dylan smith

Dylan Smith
Sales Training and Support, Lead Generation
10 Years in Club Industry | Degree in Communication & Marketing | Over 150 Hours Certified Sales Training

karen fleming

Karen Fleming
Sales Training and Support, Lead Generation
15 Years in Private Club Marketing and Membership Sales | Founding President of SC GA Low Country Chapter PCMA | Degree Computer Technology & Certified in Google Analytics

jason becker golf life navigators

Jason Becker
Strategic Data
Class A PGA of America Member and graduate of Florida Gulf Coast Universities Resort and Hospitality Management Program | CEO and Co-Founder of Golf Life Navigators and Golf Life Properties | 15 Years Active in the Private Club Industry

phil romano golf life navigators

Phil Romano
Communications Systems & IT
Class A PGA of America Member and graduate of Florida Gulf Coast Universities Resort and Hospitality Management Program | 10 Years in Club Industry | CTO of Golf Life Navigators and Golf Life Properties

All in conjunction with our great team of GLN Customer Success Managers!

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