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Jason Becker, PGA - CEO

Jason Becker Golf Life Navigators cartoon

Jason Becker, PGA


Co-Founder and official “talk abouter” of Golf Life Navigators, Jason has witnessed a graduate school research paper turn into a model that is revolutionizing the retirement industry. A Florida Gulf Coast University alum and a PGA of America Golf Professional, Jason is on a mission to tell the GLN story and help as many people as he can find that perfect Florida lifestyle. Of course, if you really want to get Jason animated, just ask him about Detroit sports and he’ll likely go on a rant about the Lions – yes, he knows they’re still trying to make it to the Super Bowl for the first time! When not giving presentations on GLN, the Michigander can be found in the Appalachian Mountains hiking and designing new ways to grow the GLN brand across the country.

Lynn Josephson, PGA - President of Golf Life Navigators

lynn jossephson golf life navigators cartoon

Lynn Josephson, PGA

President of Golf Life Navigators

If there was a Mount Rushmore of South Florida PGA of America influencers, you’d likely see Lynn’s face on it. After moving to Naples in 1974, Lynn immediately got involved in the club industry and helped build three Naples golf clubs during his Hall of Fame career. Along the way, he’s worked with stars (Hey, Coach Ditka!) and mentored a slew of great golf professionals. Now 60 (we’re not really sure how old he is), Lynn still has the entrepreneurial fire burning as Co-Founder and President of Golf Life Navigators. Often mistaken as the Google for South Florida golf, Lynn’s the one you want to bounce questions off of – you’re sure to get a great story, and the answer that’s right for you.

Peter Jacobsen, PGA - GLN Spokesperson

Peter Jacobsen, PGA

GLN Spokesperson

Without question, one of the most recognizable figures in the golf industry world-wide is one Mr. Peter Jacobsen. During the summer of 2017 Peter joined Golf Life Navigators to help tell the story of the ProGuide³ to the world and help grow the game of golf. On Sundays you will either hear him on television commenting on the games best or playing alongside them around the world. But, if you catch him on a Friday night you might see him rocking out with his guitar! GLN is proud to have Peter as our spokesperson and rest assure if Jake is involved then it has to be fun!

Tim Rowe - General Manager

Tim Rowe Golf Life Navigators cartoon

Tim Rowe

General Manager

From Seattle to Naples, Tim has been involved in all aspects of the hospitality industry as a manager and consultant. Consumer satisfaction, staff training and a good game of squash are what really get him excited. Oh, and if there’s a whiteboard and marker nearby, get out of his way! As someone who knows what it’s like to transition to an unfamiliar territory, Tim is all about assuring that your experience with GLN will be a comforting one. He might even throw in a little trivia about the Beatles or California Cabernets!

Phil Romano, PGA - Technology Specialist

Phil romano golf life navigators web master

Phil Romano, PGA

Technology Specialist

From intern to webmaster Phil is the artist behind everything you will experience on the GLN website and ProGuide3. A graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University and a PGA of America Golf Professional, Phil has been a Golf Life Navigator since Day One when operations began three years ago. Outside of building algorithms, coding and talking about home in Chicago, Phil enjoys being on the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. If you fish or code … this is the guy you want to talk to!

Chris Rockwell, PGA - Director of Digital Marketing

Chris Rockwell Golf Life Navigators cartoon director of marketing and graphic design

Chris Rockwell, PGA

Director of Digital Marketing

Quick question … is there another person in the country other than Chris who’s certified from Google in Analytics and Digital Marketing who also can hit a golf ball 375 yards? We think not, and we love it! Chris is a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University and a PGA of America Golf Professional. With a passion for graphic design and digital marketing, Chris joined us during the developmental stages of our organization. The collateral, web banners and graphics you’ve seen on GLN? All designed by Chris. He sits next to Phil, and as you see, he still hears all about the Cubbies beating his beloved Tribe.

Dylan Smith - Club Showcase Representative

Dylan Smith Golf Life Navigators cartoon

Dylan Smith

Club Showcase Representative

There’s only one person in the golf industry we know of who who can pull off a bigtime beard – Dylan Smith. Dylan acts as our official Club Representative to ensure all of the club data you see from the ProGuide3 is accurate and up-to-date. A graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University, Dylan also is a former professional hockey player who brings an array of talents and energy to the GLN team. Weekly staff meetings typically begin with a pre-game speech by the former captain. One bit of advice though: don’t let him pull the “I’m just a washed up hockey player” on the first tee when trying to get strokes … he’s sneaky good.

Dr. Jim Butler, PGA - President of Golf Life Analytics

Dr. Jim Butler, PGA

President of Golf Life Analytics

Cluster analysis, regression analysis, linear trend studies and correlation coefficients… yeah we do that! Dr. Jim has been with Golf Life Navigators since the beginning, as an architect in the development of the ProGuide3 questionnaire and keynote speaker around the country on behalf of GLN. Jim is the definition of a golf enthusiast – if he had his druthers, he would be teeing it up in Scotland with his son, Robert, and enjoying a single malt scotch afterward near a warm fire.

So, if you have a question about the golf industry or analytics behind it, feel free to send Jim a message…you might even get a phone call back to talk you through the data!

Kelly Elbin - Director of Communications

Kelly Elbin

Director of Communication

Every organization needs someone to help tell their story to the media and consumers….who better to do that than the former Director of Communications of the PGA of America! Kelly joined GLN to help tell a story of trusted advisement and an incredible journey to find your dream home in 80 and Sunny. As a golf historian, Kelly is happy to share statistics and stories from the games greats during a stroll at the legendary Burning Tree Golf Club. And then if your lucky he might even share a tale or two about his days with the Washington Redskins in the broadcast booth…;)

Joseph Logan - Research & Development

Joseph Logan

Research & Development

What do you get when you combine a scratch golfer, mixologist and roller coaster savant? A pretty cool dude! Joe Logan is the heartbeat of all things research and development for Golf Life Navigators. A resident of Orlando, Joe is the guy who ensures that the clubs you are matched to have accurate data and will meet each specific criteria. He is also the walking Google of Central Florida private club communities so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a specific question about the area.

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