Golf Life Navigators Golf Tips

1. Bermuda grass is much thicker than Bent grass … for those chip shots around the green, open your club-face and create an outside-to-in swing path.

2. Putting southern greens is much different than you’re accustomed to up north. Be sure to get a quick lesson from your new PGA Professional on reading grain … it will save 5-7 strokes a round!

3. Southern bunker shots can oftentimes get you into a double-bogey situation. Dig yourself in, open your club face and aim about an inch behind the ball. Be sure to follow through and your ball will land softly on the green for a great up-and-down.

1. The winds of the south can oftentimes get blustery on the golf course. When you’re on the tee with driver in hand just remember … when it’s breezy swing easy!

2. Golf course communities oftentimes have a number of dog-leg holes with risk-reward situations. Course management will be key to ensure that no triple bogeys are on your scorecard

3. Many holes at golf course communities will have a severe dogleg that can get a driver into trouble. Invest in a good hybrid club so that you are always playing from the fairway.

1. A quick tip to knock 3-5 strokes off your next round of golf … exhale before swinging the driver. You will loosen your muscles in the forearms and not swing as hard. Remember, straight is better than long!

2. There is nothing worse than a big slice off the tee. Next time try bringing your right foot back one inch at address. This will bring the club a little more inside the swing plane and straighten out your swing. If you’re a lefty, bring back your left foot one inch.

3. Three putts are aggravating for all of us. Next time you have that 4 footer for par, try your hardest to keep your head down and wait to hear the ball hit the back of the cup. One split second can prevent unneeded bogeys or doubles.

1. Golf is not an easy game, and you will get frustrated from time to time. When the blood pressure starts to rise take a few seconds and watch a palm tree blowing in the warm winds or a seagull flying above. It will lower your heart rate and get you ready to hit your next shot.

2. Remember the first time you tried riding a bike? A little frustrating wasn’t it? The same thing will happen with learning golf. Have fun and enjoy being outside on an 80 degree and sunny day this winter. Trust us, you’re going to LOVE the game!

3. Does anyone really like slicing the golf ball? We think not and want to help you prevent that if possible. Most slices occur because the player is using their arms to swing like a baseball bat. In golf, having a steady core and a shoulder-width stance will help you hit the ball straight.