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    1. Alliance fee allows for the Club to have a direct link from:
    2. Club authorizes GLN the use of: Club logos, promotional materials, pictures, financial information and any other information can be utilized in the GLN promotional materials, website and/or monthly newsletters to clients.
    3. Regarding potential member candidates, GLN will act as an intermediary to locate qualified members, and to introduce those members to the Club, leaving a valuation and consummation of memberships to the Club.
    4. GLN will make certain information available to the members regarding the Club, its qualifications and/or conditions for membership. However, the valuation of such information is the responsibility of the parties to the transaction, and any information provided to either party may be accepted or rejected by either party.
    5. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and may not be amended except by written agreements between the two parties.
    6. This agreement shall be enforced and construed in accordance with the laws of Florida and Federal District courts to the extent permitted.
    7. The relationship of GLN to the Club is that of an independent contractor and shall not under any circumstances be construed so as to constitute GLN as a partner, employee, or agent of the Club.