Where to Live in Florida

By Region

North East Florida

When you hear of North Florida most people think of Jacksonville. Home of many pristine beaches and mild seasonal changes compared to the rest of Florida. Jacksonville consists of over 500 neighborhoods in its surrounding area. Whether you’re interested in sports, the arts, film/television or music Jacksonville has a wide array of attractions and events to intrigue tourist and locals alike. Also in the North East region of Florida is St. Augustine. St. Augustine is the Nation’s oldest city, but visitors to this historic destination and the luxurious resorts of Ponte Vedra will find plenty that’s “new” to enjoy. With the availability of affordable accommodations, 42 miles of wide white-sand beaches, and 500 years of history to discover, it’s no wonder the area has become so popular with visitors. Because of the areas age, you will find tons of unique architecture brought over seas by the Spaniards.

Central Florida

If family fun is on your agenda, Orlando has that category wrapped up. As the home of the famous Walt Disney World theme park, Orlando attracts tourists from all over the world. However, they have been able to capitalized on the influx of vacationers by providing dozens of world-class golf courses, resorts and shopping centers that always seem to offer more and more each and every year. Orlando is truly a unique city and if you want a more up-beat Florida lifestyle this place is for you.
If a quieter scene is more your style, consider the infamous Daytona Beach located on the east coast. Daytona is home to the Daytona 500 and some of the only beaches you are allowed to drive out on with your car (one of the only reasons you might still need that 4-wheel drive vehicle)! It’s a very unique experience mixed with local restaurants and shops it makes for quite an experience.

South East Florida

South East Florida begins with Vero Beach. Vero is a much quieter scene when it comes to the normal influx of people Florida is thought to have. However, one of the most popular things to do in Vero is very loud… Air boating! Airboat tours are very popular as Vero is known for its great wildlife!
As you work down the coast you’ll easily see where the majority of natives and snowbirds gather. A hot spot right now is the Jupiter/Palm Beach area. Both are rich in some of the best dining offered in South Florida along with the some of the best beaches and boutiques in the around. Both towns are very lively over the weekend as people all around are out enjoying the crystal clear waters and live music put on by restaurants.

The Last stop in South Florida is Miami. Miami is a party city. It is known for its extravagant nightlife and strong Hispanic cultures. Miami is divided into many parts but there is certainly something for everyone. And, being only an hour away from the keys which is home to the best fishing in the world, it really seems like Miami has everything. By day you can see some of the best artwork, museums, and beaches then come night walk down Ocean Avenue to experience the full effects of Miami brought by the people, shopping, and fine dining


The Tampa-Sarasota area is really something. A more up-beat location in Florida that offers plenty of options for spending your time. From nature to nightlife, theme parks to theatres, shopping to sunsets, there really is something for everyone. A day can be spent out on one of the beaches or teeing it up on one of the world class golf courses, the choice is yours! A big plus to this area is the professional sports team presence along with a lively down-town scene with plenty of nightlife options. Not as popular of a spot for retirement as Southwest Florida, however there is still a presence of retirees!

Northwest Florida

More commonly referred to as “The Panhandle”, the Northwest region of Florida is quite different from the rest of the state. There is a very strong southern presence similar to that of Alabama or Georgia, however it still feels like Florida because of the seemingly endless white sand beaches along the coast. In the panhandle you’ll find some of the best seafood and live music Florida has to offer any time of the year. The coast is broken up into two sections: The Emerald Coast, which typically refers to Panama City Beach and west, boasts high rise condos, luxurious gated & non-gated communities, crowded beaches and pulsating nightlife. Everything east of Panama City Beach is considered to be The Forgotten Coast, which sports a much more laid back atmosphere with a lot of emphasis on preserving local culture and nature. Whichever lifestyle you prefer, it’s a pretty neat place overall!

Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida is one of the most popular relocation destinations for retirees in the country, and it’s no question why. With miles of white sand beaches, hundreds of the world’s best golf courses, and a variety of entertainment sources capable of pleasing anyone, it’s hard to think of a better place to retire. High end shopping, fine dining, major league sports, and the melting pot of culture found here are just some of the highlights of the area. Every day feels like a getaway in Southwest Florida.

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