Who We Are

Golf Life Navigators is here to help match you with your preferred golf club, for the rest of your life! We want to make this important time enjoyable for you, so we created the ProGuide3 Questionnaire to find out what matters to you and to the clubs looking to welcome you.

Golf Life Navigators was founded by high-standing members of the PGA of America. We’re based in Naples, Florida, with ambassadors in Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and throughout Florida who intimately know the golf and country club landscape and lifestyle.

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  • Each day, 10,000 people turn age 65 and begin new phases of their lives filled with sun, fun, and golf. These retiring Boomers seek Florida weather and the golf club memberships, real estate, and professional services to transition them to the Sunshine State.
  • Since 2012, some 300,000 Americans annually move to Florida. Planning for this next chapter in your life starts with 50th birthday celebrations coinciding with a longing look to the south. Where it’s always warm. Well, almost always.
  • We know how important real estate can be to your decision, so we couple our expertise with well-connected, full-time Golf Life Navigators Partner Real Estate Agents. We train them about the golf lifestyle you want, so they can give you all the information you need about prime homes and lots both in and outside gated golf communities.

We know you’re unique, just like the golf clubs, country clubs and golf communities throughout the Sunshine State. They vary in course layout, activities, amenities and overall culture. Each is unique. That’s why our ProGuide3 is critical to matching who you are and what you want with a Florida golf lifestyle. Your ProGuide3 tee time is now!


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