Playing your best golf in Florida means understanding how to hit shots off Bermuda grass. This is especially true around the greens, where Bermuda grass can play tricks on unsuspecting players.

The key to hitting good chips and pitches is to first have a good idea of what to expect when your club makes contact with the Bermuda grass. When hitting chips and pitches, it’s likely you’ll graze the turf before you strike the ball due to a shallow attack angle (this is especially true from the rough). When this happens in Bermuda grass, you’ll quickly notice the turf feels like Velcro on your club! It’s easy to get tangled up in the stuff—even if it’s cut low to the ground.

To better handle the grabby, sticky Bermuda grass, open the clubface and steepen your angle of attack into the ball, almost like you would hitting a bunker shot or for the matter, a full swing shot. The net results will be a higher chip or pitch, both with more backspin.

The goal is to avoid as much contact with the ground before you strike the ball!

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